March 24 to April 1 2006
8 nights, 8 days Guided off-road rides
$1195.00 Canadian
$1015.00 US

Eight nights accommodation in hotels and resorts, including the first night in San Diego.
- Maximum number of 10 riders -
This year's ride will explore new routes into some of Baja most spectacular scenery. Explore some of N. America's oldest Missions - Ancient Cave Paintings -
Extinct Volcanos

Motorcycle Transport to San Diego
At this time I am not offering transport of bikes to San Diego, but I have had great success in grouping riders that need transport with those with transport willing to share their trucks/expences with others.

E-mail me for info

July 22 to 28, 2006
6 nights, 7 days Guided off-road rides
$995.00 Canadian
$915.00 US

-Six Nights Accommodation-
Tours will start from Vancouver and will include:
- Alpine routes through Coast, Kootenay Mtn. Ranges -
- The Abandoned Kettle Valley Railway -
- Hot Springs both Remote & Resort -
- Abandoned Mining Exploration Roads -


3 Week Odyssey
Aug. 19, - Sept. 9, 2006

20 nights, 21 days Guided off-road ride
$2200.00 Canadian
$1995.00 US

- Maximum number of riders 5 -
* This is the big one! *
Leaving Victoria BC
All the very best in off-road travel will be taken in. A direct route heading north, exploring more intensely in the northern reaches of BC before crossing into the Yukon and several of my favorite rides into the wilderness. The return south will fill the remaining days with forays into isolated Outfitter's Camps and Lodges. There won't be a dry eye in the bunch by the time we get back!





Motorcycle Explorer Adventures can provide motorcycle adventures like no ordinary motorcycle tour ever could. With our small group expeditions the emphasis is on discovery, not wheeling in untold miles, heading for some trendy destination everybody and his dog can make in a fat old Winnabagel. Explorer trips will use ALL the advantages of the street legal Dual-Sport motorcycle to see such a diverse range of spectacular terrain that the stories they produce should be supported by photo evidence for fear of not being believed!


The success of any of these expeditions will rely a great deal on the unified skill level of the riders. A questionnaire must be completed to place yourself into a skill level group. This will determine which routes will be attempted, or provide alternate routes on a trip to either increase or decrease the challenges. One way to unify the skill level would be to invite your riding buddies to create an entire team.

Team size will be limited to 5 for the most challenging rides. For less challenging rides this number may expand to 8. Minimum group size will be 3 for any of the rides.


At this time I will not be offering motorcycles for rent, although I have contacts with BC companies through whom bikes can be rented. I will inspect these bikes and prep them for trail worthiness before the rider arrives for pick-up.

Riders' own motorcycles must be in perfect mechanical condition. The owners are responsible for maintenance & repair, spare parts, and consumables.

Note: KLR 650 riders - I will be carrying the crash and wear items for a KLR 650, and all tools needed. I have 4 years experience as a professional motorcycle mechanic and more than 17 years mechanical experience on the KLR to help keep you on the trail.

Appropriate motorcycles:

Single cylinder, street legal, DOT tires, a fuel tank capacity to comfortably do 250 miles (400 km). Quiet Pipes Are Preferred! Not only for their lack of noise, but they will also give the bike its best fuel range. Bikes must be properly prepared for the rigors of real trail riding: aluminum skid plate, soft luggage, bark busters etc. A complete consultation on bike prep will be offered to all registered riders.

- KLR 650 Kawasaki
- KTM Adventure/LC4
- XR/XL 600/650/400
- DR 650 - DRZ400 Suzuki
- GS 650 / Dakar BMW


These are not rides for the novice, but on the other hand expert proficiency in all facets of off-road riding are not expected either. The questionnaire mentioned above will also include some standard fitness level questions. These and the skill level questions will help determine grouping.

Find your challenge! - Many of the remote routes are unmaintained, so washouts, slides and fording streams may play a role in the amount of time and effort it takes to navigate to an objective. If the level of skill/physical condition of the group shows the preference for a high level of challenge and goals, I will feed them as much excitement as they desire. If the group shows a lesser amount of aggressiveness we will select an appropriate, alternate route.
For all groups there is no pressure or humiliation here. Like all expeditions, whether it's the world's best climbers to the summit of Everest or crossing a high water creek, it takes intelligence to know when to let it go and leave it for another day. Nature wins sometimes... it should never be a battle between riders.


- Tom Grenon will personally plan and guide each trip, creating an opportunity like no other tour or guiding service: REAL exploration and adventure!

- Expert advice and instruction in:
* - Bike Set-up ~ the off-road options needed and spares to bring.
* - Riding ~ tips on riding Sand, Fording streams
* - Photography ~ how to get the best from your Camera
* - Camping ~ how to get comfortable yet stay light

- Pre-trip consultation covering Motorcycle and Gear preparations.

- Hotel reservations and arrangements for airport pick up.

- Detailed Maps and GPS waypoints.


- Travel to and from the starting city (San Diego or Vancouver), food, beverages, fuel, bike parts and repairs (other than trail side assistance).

- Camping and riding gear, tools, emergency supplies. (Please note guns of any type are not permitted on these trips).

- There is no chase vehicle; all gear must be carried on bike.

- MedEvac and emergency transport of bike or rider.

- Bike and rider licensing.

- Riders must carry own travel, vehicle, medical, and liability insurance.

Riders are responsible for the condition and maintenance of their bikes, as well as accurate representation of their skills and experience. All these points should be thoroughly understood and are key to maximizing the success of the group experience.

FOR RESERVATIONS or if there are any questions or points that need clarification, please do not hesitate to - contact me