Arrowhead Motorsports - Specializing in dual sport parts and accessories for Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. Fred is one of the most dedicated enthusiast you could possibly meet!

AeroStich/RiderWearhouse - Darien Jacket and Pants with Windbloc Electric Liner got me through more snow and ice then I care to admit doing (sanity in question) on my 2004 ride through the Yukon and Alaska. Then was also comfortable riding off road tracks in the heat of Utah's Canyon Lands. This is great gear build by and for motorcycle enthusiasts! Check out their catalog it has a huge number of high quality moto items.

Backroad Mapbook Series - Up to date, near topo detail for British Columbia (6 mapbooks): Southwestern BC, - The Kootenays, - Vancouver Island, - Kamloops/Okanagan Region, - Central BC, - The Cariboo, Central Alberta and Southwestern Alberta. They come in 1:150,000 and 1:200,000 scale

Bardahl Motorcycle Oil - High grade motorcycle specific oils.

British Columbia Recreational Atlas - The first step in planning out a route in B.C. The whole Province at 1:600,000 scale from U.S. to Yukon on 88 pages of maps. Excellent and up to date!

Canadian Biker Magazine

Canadian Centre for Topographic Maps - The source for all of Canadian topo maps.

Carhartt Pants - Very tough clothing, check out the double front dungaree.

Chris Scott's "Adventure Motorbiking Website" - Global Travel

Continental Tire -TKC 80 - I have used these aggressive dual-sport tires for 26,000 km through out 2004 with results that I would have called unbelievable - unless I had experienced them myself. The large block knobs work better than any dual sport tire I have ever used in sand and mud, yet have been as tenacious as any dual sport tire I have ever used on the road. They can provide about 10,000 km for a rear and about 12,000 km for a front even with much of its life spent on the dirt. These are the new standard all other D/S tires have to shoot for in all terrain conditions.

Cycle World Magazine

Cycle Canada Magazine

CycoActive - Get your Garmin GPS, Software and Mounting Hardware from these great guys, true enthusiasts with years of experience mounting GPS to motorcycles! Also their Glove Box fits perfectly on the front of the KLR.

Dual Star - I can recommend their: Tank Bag, Tank Panniers, Rear Brake Bracket and Rear Master Cylinder Guard, Low Vibration Mirror, Replaceable Mirror Mount,

EBC Brakes - Improve the KLR brakes with MXS pads, they're resistant to mud, sand and water. Also kind to the rotors.

Ferries to Vancouver Island - Fares and Schedules - B.C. Ferries - Blackball Ferry - Washington State Ferry.

Happy Trails - Their FORK BRACE is the best performance mod you can do to the stock KLR front end! They also manufacturer the strongest SIDE GUARDS out there. High quality parts for off-road and dual-sport motorcycles.

"Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travelers' Website, Bulletin Board and e-zine" - World travelers Grant & Susan Johnson's website for global travelers and the Travelers E-zine delivered to you free - a mountain of info!

HJC Helmets - FG3, Great lightweight, quiet open face. The Symax - a great new solution, getting full protection at high speed & nasty weather with HJC's opening/full coverage helmet.

HOMEBODY DESIGN - L.E.D. LIGHTING! - Tired of being treated like the man in the gray flannel suit? Here is the way to be seen, when you stomp on the brake this taillight will blaze a hole into the eyeballs of that sleeping Volvo driver behind you! Very Low Energy Consumption makes this mod perfect for dual-sport conversions and riders consuming extra wattage on electric clothing and gadgets. A watt saved is a watt gained.

ITMB Maps - Good overview maps to fill in the areas not covered by the others.

Outdoor Research - Developers of outstanding lightweight clothing and gear.

Progressive Suspension - I replaced the stock shock on my 2001 KLR with a Progressive 420 Series shock. I have put about 40,000 km on it and I'm very happy with it. Great controlled dampening, makes the stock shock feel like a wet noodle. One mod should be made though. The upper hemispherical bearing has no dust protection and will become squeaky quickly. I fashioned a small rubber (old inner tube) cover over the top with 2 holes to allow the bolt to past through, then used a zip tie to create a seal around the base of the stock.

SealSkinz - Put these on inside your boot for NICE warm Dry Feet - ooooh!!

Viberg Boots - The maker of the one and only Canadian Dual Sport Boot!

Victoria Motorcycle Club - One of N. America's oldest M/C clubs - since 1906. Event photos, List of events.


ODSC - Ontario Dual Sport Club, in Ontario, Canada

Pacific North West Motorcycle Association - Off-Road Races, Parties, Trials, Street Rallies, Dual Sport and More. Events within an hour ride of Vancouver BC and Bellingham WA. - Live the dream, check out the support packages offered for world class rallying.