Shock Protection - Mud Flap


 This little appiss-flapiss will give your rear shock absorber a fighting chance in this dirty old world. I procrastinated for years thinking of doing this, and of course I did AFTER I blew the shock (you know why they call it a shock - because it costs $800.00 Canadian!!!!)

This mod will take about 20 minutes and cost about 25 cents, and definitely extends the life of the shock.

What I did was cut a piece of rubber out of an old inner tube approximately 7 inches wide and 4 inches high, it can be tapered a bit so it will be wider at the bottom. On the bottom of the inner fender just behind the shock there are 2 holes already through the plastic, just take a paper hole punch and punch holes (4) in the rubber to match the holes and bottom edge of the inner fender. Lay the excess rubber on the swing-arm so it will slide away from the shock when the suspension is compressed and then just zip-tie them together and Bob's-Your-Uncle, your done.

I replaced the stock shock on my 2001 KLR with a Progressive 420 Series shock. I have put about 40,000 km on it and I'm very happy with it. Great controlled dampening and I pre-loaded the spring a couple of turns, makes the stock shock feel like a wet noodle. One mod should be made though. The upper hemispherical bearing has no dust protection and will become squeaky quickly. I fashioned a small rubber (old inner tube) cover over the top with 2 holes to allow the bolt to past through, then used a zip tie to create a seal around the base of the stock.